Failure is a necessity to success

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Whether it’s your career, relationship, family life, or running a business, we all struggle with failures in each of these areas. Failure is a difficult thing to face and even more difficult to accept at times. Part of the problem is how we’ve come to view our failures.

Being successful has moved away from a process to simply becoming a target or an objective. That simple shift means we think of success more as an ability to come up with the right ideas, rather than seeing it as a journey or process to learning more about yourself or an idea. And that process or journey often requires mental toughness and a long term view.

When we look at individuals, such as, Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, we see their success but never consider what failures and struggles they might have faced. Once an individual or an idea becomes successful that’s all we focus on; the individual’s success or the success of the idea.

By shifting the conversation from what does it require to become successful to what ideas do we require in order to be viewed as successful. We place a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves, which makes most of us feel like failures when we can’t come up with the million dollar idea.

I’ve had my fair share of failures and to be completely honest, I rather not experience some of my failures again. While they were painful, I’ve also come to realize my failures are part of my journey and the failures I’ve had provide me with the experience and knowledge to become who I am today and who I want to be in the future.

That being said, I’v learn a few things about failures. For starter, I never go into anything expecting to fail and I never avoid something simply because I’m afraid to fail at it.

I’ve also come to realize everyone is successful in one way or another. However, most people judge their success, not by their standards but rather the standards of others, which means most people never feel as though they are successful.

Life’s far too short to live by anyone’s standards other than yours and even shorter to be afraid of failure.