Month in Review- January 2016

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Happy New Year! I know its a little late but its still January so I think I’m okay to still say that. January was both an exciting and busy month for me and the blog. Creating Wealth Young is now online since you’re reading this and now comes the really exciting part; filling it up with content. The month in review posts will provide a quick recap of what happened on the site and also provide you a quick overview of what’s making news locally and internationally.

Blog articles for the month

In an effort to ensure each area of the site had content on it, I also blogged on Saturday. This is just for the month of January as my normal blog schedule will return to Tuesday and Thursday going forward. Here are the articles for the month of January.

What is Wealth?

Credit, don’t let it become a drug

Keep a low debt load

What is an RRSP?

What is a TFSA?

TFSA vs RRSP : Which is better?

Five words that start with the letter C that you should know

What is gross debt service ratio?

What made news locally and internationally

When it came to Canada the story still continues to be oil. Alberta in particular is being hit the hardest but the low oil prices are being felt throughout the Canadian economy.  The Alberta government decided to keep things the same when it came to oil royalty review, probably a good idea given the recent volatility occurring.

On the international front the story still continue to be about China and further fears around the global recovery. The fear is largely around the growth expectation of China’s economy. What I gather from what I read is the expectations with respect to China’s economy needs to change as it moves into more of service based economy. Put another way, China is changing but we still continue to use the old metrics to determine its success. Below I’ve included some of the articles I read to bring me up to speed on what’s happening.

Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out about crude oil’s crash

My fellow economists: Bay Street might be right this time

Alberta royalty review recommends few changes for oil and gas industry

Nigeria seeks $3.5 Billion of Loans to Buoy Spending in Oil Rout

China Trumpets Its Service Economy

Oil is still in demand- it’s the glut that’s hurting the price

Video pick of the month

Here’s my video pick of the month. This video is from Paul Tudor Jones II and an extremely important video for all of us to watch. Paul is an extremely successful investor and his point is not that that capitalism is the problem rather we’ve lost our morality with respect to capitalism.



I hope the new year started off great for you! Don’t forget to follow the blog’s twitter handle @creatingwealthy and also don’t forget to subscribe to get all the articles sent to you. Happy month end!