Why you should strive to travel

When I was young my family moved often, which is a form of travel that comes out of necessity. Today, I travel out of a thirst for new experiences and knowledge. Due to my travel experiences, I’ve become a strong promoter in the importance of travelling as a means for personal growth and knowledge accusation.

But travelling isn’t an easy thing to do even though most people in developed countries can afford to. To be a successful traveller you have to open to new ideas and new possibilities. In short, you ask a lot of questions and avoid putting your judgments on the answers you receive. That’s a hard thing to do because often we’re told to label something as either good or bad. Travelling requires you to simply appreciate or at times acknowledge something is different; not better or worse, just different.

And as I get older, I’m even more convinced each of us needs to make travelling an important activity we try to participate in any form our budget permits.

Before I go on, I think it’s important I acknowledge the fact that not everyone in the world is able to fly around the world every year. There are real economic pressures and limitations that make travelling difficult for some of us and impossible for the rest.

But I believe everyone can travel in some form or another. Travelling isn’t simply the act of going to exotic countries or eating exotic food.

Travelling is the way you approach life with a constant curiosity and eagerness to learn. It goes much deeper than just a getting that perfect selfie. In fact, some of the best moments while travelling are the moments when you’re able to block out everything and simply enjoy the very moment you’re in without any need to share it with anyone but those who are in that moment with you. I strive and seek those moments every time I’m fortunate enough to travel.

Unfortunately, most people who travel never get those moments because they confuse going on vacation as travelling. I’m not opposed to going on a good hot vacation (I go on them too) but I think we all should strive to travel. A vacation to me is as an expensive staycation that offers only a change in scenery. The point of the vacation isn’t really about personal growth through new experience; rather it’s about enforcing beliefs you already have or are unwilling to change. If that’s the case, I for one would rather do that at a much cheaper price without all the airport delays at home.

Having said that, it is possible for a well thought out vacation to produce elements of a good travel experience. When’s the last time you ask your server about their family at a resort? The truth is any sort of travel you take whether it be a local trip or an oversea trip or resort trip can become a travel experience if you travel with the right mindset. Travelling is achieved based on how you approach your trip and most importantly the mindset you take with you.  If you are open to new possibilities and drop your judgement radar, you can achieve travel.

If you think about travelling in that manner you soon realize you do not have to travel halfway around the world to travel. Although,  I would strongly encourage you to strive for that at some point in your life because we truly live in an amazing world.

Strive to travel and embrace the traveller’s mindset to have a richer and more immersive travel experience. Happy travels!